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Neoni can calculate the CO2e emissions of transport to the customer if needed and also calculates the transport CO2e emissions of polyolefins from the production plant to the compounding plants for compound grades.

Neoni uses the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission intensity data recommended in the GLEC Framework, developed by the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) (1)

The following formula is applied:

Where, according to the GLEC Framework, the factor of 1.05 is applied for groupage transport to allow for the additional distance that can result from the operator’s network or from diversions to pick up or drop off intermediate loads

The following logic is applied in the selection of GHG emission intensity values:

If the route includes more than one transportation mode (intermodal), the CO2e footprint of each leg of the route is calculated according to the above formulas and summed up.


  1. GLEC Framework: Calculating GHG Transport and Logistics Emissions for the European Chemical Industry; Module 5 of the GLEC Framework; written by Smart Freight Centre in partnership with Cefic; September 2021