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Supporting our future-positive revolution

We stand behind plastic for all its unrivalled benefits: versatility, safety, and durability. But today’s make-use-dispose economy creates waste and an environmental burden.

At Borealis, we believe in a new way for plastic. A circular way. Maximising its value and efficiency across many lifetimes, minimising its impact on the planet.

That’s the Future-Positive Revolution we are already shaping today. From linear to circular. From resource-hungry to renewable. From climate-negative to carbon-neutrality. As a partner, we can help bring sustainability and circular progress closer.

To support the transition to a circular economy, Borealis developed Neoni: An online digital solution that allows Borealis employees to find the partial (cradle-to-gate) carbon footprint for over 700 commercially available polyolefin and hydrocarbon and energy (HC&E) products and share the results with our customers.

It combines Borealis’ life cycle assessment data and a digital system to calculate the cradle-to-gate carbon footprint of hundreds of compound grades. Beyond Borealis’ gate, if required, Neoni also calculates the carbon footprint of transport from the Borealis factory gate to the customer.

With Neoni, customers can gain insights into the carbon footprint of potential alternative Borealis circular solutions, alongside conventional grades in order to support decision making.