As a Service Designer, do you want to …

change the world from the inside out?

sow the seeds of meaningful solutions for real people?

make a business run better so it can invest back into the planet?

Well … at Borealis Digital Studio …

… you can do it all. In a cool office, overlooking the runways at Zaventem airport, you’ll be working on digital solutions for Borealis, one of the world’s leading providers of advanced and circular polyolefin solutions, who’s also a European market leader in base chemicals and the mechanical.

Borealis Digital Studio is the place where you …

  • organize and run Design Thinking workshops across international Borealis Group branches to spot new project opportunities and formulate concept directions. (Yes, you’ll be travelling quite a bit.)
  • interact with many different teams and departments
  • have a broad interest in multiple areas (amongst others: HR, finance, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, quality control).
  • prepare and lead the tasks that need to be done in every stage of the Design Thinking process, e.g. organize intake workshops with business, interviews and observations with users, ideation workshops, conceptual design, wireframing etc.
  • burn with curiosity for new projects.

At Borealis Digital Studio, we’ll trust you with these tasks:

  • planning, preparing and running workshops, both physically and virtually
  • researching, identifying and articulating users’ needs
  • producing service design blueprints; illustrating journey maps, concept designs, service experience prototypes, empathy maps and value propositions for the creation and evolution of products and services
  • formulating concept directions
  • assisting product leads and product owners in defining both their long and short-term vision and the roadmap for digital products.

Therefore, we’d like you to …

  • be a master communicator, both verbally and written. You know how to make complex and technical information and language simple and accessible for non-technical audiences. You can advocate and communicate what a team does to create trust and authenticity and can respond to challenge
  • understand how the digital economy is changing user behaviour. You can make informed decisions based on user needs, available technology and value for money. You know about the wider digital economy and advances in technology
  • make and guide effective decisions, explaining clearly how the decision has been reached. You can understand technical complexity and risks, run collaborative design activities, influence others and build consensus
  • be a strategic thinker. You can take an overall perspective on business issues, events, activities and discuss their wider implications and long-term impact. This could include determining patterns, standards, policies, roadmaps and vision statements
  • focus first and foremost on users. You know their needs, not by gut instinct but because you have read the evidence. You can translate user stories and propose design approaches or services to meet those needs. You love interacting with them, too
  • know everything about agile methodology and apply an agile mindset to all aspects of your work.

To become part of this exciting club, we also expect you to …

  • have 3-5 years of experience in service design or related role such as user experience design or design research
  • know your way about existing and emerging digital and service design tools, methods and practices
  • be used to collaborating with customers and cross-functional team members
  • be an excellent problem-solver
  • take the lead in identifying problems or issues in the team dynamic and rectify them. You can pull out issues through agile health-checks with the team to provoke the right responses
  • know how to design systems for use across multiple services and can identify the simplest approach out of a variety of approaches
  • be able to lead the design and implementation of strategy, directing the evaluation of strategies and policies to ensure business requirements are being met
  • have an entrepreneurial mindset
  • have a proven history of delivering results on time and within budget.

And if you … 

  • can produce user experience design deliverables, such as screen flows, wireframes and prototypes
  • handle quantitative research methodologies and draw insights from data
  • have an unstoppable drive to create order out of chaos …

… you should definitely get in touch.

In return, Borealis Digital Studio offers you …

  • the driver’s seat to your own career. We’ll make sure you can continuously learn and grow, with the right tools, budget and support. You’ll work on different projects and in different teams, gain cross-functional experience and broaden your scope.
  • the control stick to your work-life balance. We set the contours, you do the adjusting yourself. We like happy employees.
  • a stunning place to work. Our office at Brussels airport comes with world-class architecture and next-generation technology. We’re easily accessible, also by train.
  • an attractive and competitive salary and fringe benefits that match both your background and the skills of a successful digital professional.

Still here?

Wow. We think we should get in touch. Click the button and apply. Don’t forget to add your name, e-mail, phone number and resume.