Digital Studio Head

Nic De Backer

New Business Development

Sarah Van den Bulck

HR Manager

Caroline Nijns

Borealis Digital Studio

Leopoldlaan 1, Passport building – Floor 8
1930 Zaventem, BE

By bus, train or plane?

  1. Follow the exit signs in Brussels Airport
  2. Once outside, turn left
  3. Keep walking until you see the KPMG building on your left hand side
  4. Enter the building and call your contact person or take the elevator to the 8th floor

By bike or car?

  1. Navigate to ‘Leopoldlaan 1, Passport building – Floor 8 1930 Zaventem, BE’
  2. Once at destination, keep right and enter the KPMG underground parking on the right side of the building.
  3. For cars: There are Borealis reserved parking spots on the left hand side when entering the parking
  4. For bikes: Go to level 0, there you will find a bike parking