• Compass Webapp

    A web app to provide all the essential information to employees about the new infrastructure before the big move of Borealis to the common OMV Head office at Austria.

    • Internal Solutions
  • MyBorealis


    A customer self-portal in which customers can look for Borealis products, place, replace and manage orders

    • Customer Solutions
  • Nutriguide


    A tool for farmers to optimize crop nutrition, focusing on integration into farm management systems & extra features for resellers

    • Customer Solutions
  • Connect


    The customer relationship management tool in Polyolefins, Hydrocarbons and Energy

    • Internal Solutions

Creating value

  • Customer Experience

    Customer Experience

    We want to create a strong & sustainable connection with our customers.
    By involving them in our Digital Studio process, we don’t only create solutions for them, but also with them. This results in optimal customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty. Providing a high-quality customer experience is a key component in our strategy.

  • Employee Solutions

    Employee Solutions

    Employees are the cornerstone of our company. A great Employee Experience with more value added work not only results in a more engaged, productive and happy workforce, it is also the way to retain customers, reduce churn rates and even attract new customers.
    By carefully listening to the needs of our employees and translating them into digital solutions, we step-by-step pave the way to an optimal Employee Experience.

  • New Business & Innovation

    New Business & Innovation

    The world around is changing very fast and customers expect top-notch products and services. Therefore, it is crucial for us to keep up with new technologies, innovative products and services, and even disruptive business models.
    We investigate, invent, iterate, test, learn and improve; always with the aim to start small and scale fast.

The Borealis Digital Studio:
Central hub for digital creatives

Customer first, agile driven with a focus on innovation and emerging technologies. Boosting customer and employee experience, increasing operational excellence and starting-up new business models to support but more importantly transform our organisation and business. A team of experienced and inspiring digital natives and creatives focussed on doing that and only that.


Our Studio DNA

Positive work environment

Positive work environment

A work environment that is open, flexible and activity based. Optimised for collaboration as well as individual work. Provides room to free your mind and re-energize. Create an inclusive work environment, with recognition, mutual respect and a sense of community.

Hands-on engagement

Hands-on engagement

Loosely coupled and tightly aligned squads with long term missions and clear short term goals. A strong emphasis on coaching, being responsible, an open feedback culture and leveraging strengths with a continuous performance culture within a Fail Friendly environment.

Meaningful work

Meaningful work

Work in a network of small, autonomous and empowered squads. Each Squad has a clear purpose and makes an impact on external and internal customers. There is time to be innovative and enough time for creativity. Nimblicity is key in the way of working: doing the smart thing and going for smart solutions .

Growth opportunity

Growth opportunity

You are at the driving seat of your own career. There is a focus on continuous and cross-platform learning and a free flow of information. Knowledge is shared between communities and talent mobility is facilitated.

Trust in leadership

Trust in leadership

As leadership you should be unreasonable aspirational and have an emphasis on people. Communicate your vision and mission to inspire and motivate your squads. Be transparent and honest to install trust. Focus on this is trust instead of control.


Borealis Digital Studio

Leopoldlaan 1, Passport building – Floor 8
1930 Zaventem, BE

How to reach the Studio?

By bus, train or plane
By bike or car
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